Technical Documentation

IDCategoryReq.Element Action
361booleanno$zz['fields'][n]['conf_identifier']['lowercase'] Transform all letters to lowercase?Show
880integerno$zz['fields'][n]['conf_identifier']['max_length'] Allows to set a maximum length of characters for each substringShow
470stringno$zz['fields'][n]['conf_identifier']['prefix'] for a prefixShow
891arrayno$zz['fields'][n]['conf_identifier']['replace'] replaces single characters with something else while creating an identifier, might be used to preserve dots

Relations: identifier

362booleanno$zz['fields'][n]['conf_identifier']['slashes'] Preserve slashes?Show
469booleanno$zz['fields'][n]['conf_identifier']['start_always'] says it has always to add exists and startShow
468integerno$zz['fields'][n]['conf_identifier']['start'] start value if record already existsShow
972string: SQLno$zz['fields'][n]['conf_identifier']['unique_with'] field name(s) if field itself is not UNIQUE, just in combination with these other fields

Relations: $zz['fields'][n]['conf_identifier']['where']

363string: SQLno$zz['fields'][n]['conf_identifier']['where'] WHERE-condition to be appended to query that checks existence of identifier in databaseShow
860integerno$zz['fields'][n]['decrease_level'] Decreases numerical value for class name 'leveln' by this value (1 ... n)

Relations: $zz['list']['hierarchy']['display_in']

466booleanno$zz['fields'][n]['def_val_ignore'] this is for subtables only. For 'value', 'auto_value' and 'default'-fields, this setting specifies whether value will be accepted without any other input by the user in this sub-record or not. true: input will be ignored, false (standard): input will not be ignored. important for deciding whether to add or delete a sub-record.

Relations: subtable

278mixedno$zz['fields'][n]['default_image'] in case path leads to no existing image, use this as a default_image (full path only). Might be as well an Array with a path in the standard path styleShow
639booleanno$zz['fields'][n]['default_select_all'] set-fields: all boxes are checked

Relations: select

432variableno$zz['fields'][n]['default'] default value for field, normally string; for subrecords displayed as 'set' it may be an array as wellShow
1008string: fieldno$zz['fields'][n]['dependent_on_add_field'] if this field is dependet on another field with add[field_name]=ID, check the corresponding value with a queryShow
1009string: fieldno$zz['fields'][n]['dependent_on_add_sql'] query to get field value on add

Relations: $zz['fields'][n]['dependent_on_add_field']

428integerno$zz['fields'][n]['detail_key_index'] Show
426integerno$zz['fields'][n]['detail_value'] copies value from other fieldShow
649arrayno$zz['fields'][n]['disabled_ids'] IDs that will be shown as 'disabled' in Dropdown or checkbox list

Relations: select

1000arrayno$zz['fields'][n]['disabled'] List of IDs for radio buttons that are disabled for some reasonShow

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