Technical Documentation

IDCategoryReq.Element Action
449integerno$zz['fields'][n]['image'][n]['auto_size_tolerance'] (default 15, value in px for auto_size function)Show
448arrayno$zz['fields'][n]['image'][n]['auto_values'] (values used by auto-function)Show
447string: functionno$zz['fields'][n]['image'][n]['auto'] (function to change values of some of these fields before action will take place)Show
937stringno$zz['fields'][n]['image'][n]['convert_options'] allows to add extra options for imagemagick's convert command, nice to use together with 'options_sql'Show
442string: fieldno$zz['fields'][n]['image'][n]['field_name'] Show
441integerno$zz['fields'][n]['image'][n]['height'] Show
451booleanno$zz['fields'][n]['image'][n]['ignore'] true = field will be ignoredShow
457arrayno$zz['fields'][n]['image'][n]['input_filetypes'] allowed input_filetypes, e. g. pdf, jpeg, doc, ...Show
454integerno$zz['fields'][n]['image'][n]['max_height'] max height in px of uploaded image (only applicable for n-Fields without 'source')Show
452integerno$zz['fields'][n]['image'][n]['max_width'] max width in px of uploaded image (only applicable for n-Fields without 'source')Show
455integerno$zz['fields'][n]['image'][n]['min_height'] min height in px of uploaded image (only applicable for n-Fields without 'source')Show
453integerno$zz['fields'][n]['image'][n]['min_width'] min width in px of uploaded image (only applicable for n-Fields without 'source')Show
999booleanno$zz['fields'][n]['image'][n]['no_action_unless_thumb_extension'] if true, do not create thumbnails if extension for thumbnails is set to NULLShow
458booleanno$zz['fields'][n]['image'][n]['optional_image'] image is optional, i. e. error notices when deleting a record and there are no accompanying files won't be shown.Show
961stringno$zz['fields'][n]['image'][n]['options_key'] Value from option field will be set to $images with this key

Relations: $zz['fields'][n]['image'][n]['options']

545string: SQLno$zz['fields'][n]['image'][n]['options_sql'] SQL query which allows to read further field definitions from a database depending on value in corresponding options field; values are expected to be in form of a URL query string

Relations: $zz['fields'][n]['image'][n]['options']

446arrayno$zz['fields'][n]['image'][n]['options'] (key value, reads options from this field, overwrite existing keys, options will only be read once)

Relations: option

444array: pathno$zz['fields'][n]['image'][n]['path'] (last field/string part must be file extension only! three letters with dot in case of string, field without dot!)Show
944arrayno$zz['fields'][n]['image'][n]['recreate_on_change'] recreate thumbnails even if file did not change, but e. g. if thumbnail filetype changedShow
443booleanno$zz['fields'][n]['image'][n]['required'] true | falseShow

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