Technical Documentation

IDCategoryReq.Element Action
997booleanno$zz['fields'][n]['subselect']['count'] if set to true, show count of records either behind 'prefix' or in prefix with sprintf %d

Relations: $zz['fields'][n]['subselect']['prefix']

883string: HTMLno$zz['fields'][n]['subselect']['field_prefix'][m] Allows HTML formatting prefixed for each database fieldShow
884string: HTMLno$zz['fields'][n]['subselect']['field_suffix'][m] Allows HTML formatting suffixed for each database field (index starts with 0 for first field)Show
879array: pathno$zz['fields'][n]['subselect']['link'] Link for each of the elements of the subselectShow
300string: HTMLno$zz['fields'][n]['subselect']['prefix'] Show
882booleanno$zz['fields'][n]['subselect']['show_empty_cells'] if true,   will be set for each empty fieldShow
973arrayno$zz['fields'][n]['subselect']['sql_ignore'] List of field names which are ignored when displaying subselect

Relations: $zz['fields'][n]['subselect']['sql']

438string: SQLno$zz['fields'][n]['subselect']['sql'] For subtables. SQL-Select query, foreign_key must be included, shows detail records in list view as well.Show
303string: HTMLno$zz['fields'][n]['subselect']['suffix'] Show
788string: fieldno$zz['fields'][n]['subselect']['table'] Set this if ID field is in different table than main table (works only for displayed subtables, not for editable)Show
909string: functionno$zz['fields'][n]['subselect']['list_field_format'] Formats each single field (e. g. binary represenations of IP addresses to strings) with list_field_format function (opposed to list_format which formats the full string). Might be array as well, then key is field_name

Relations: $zz['fields'][n]['subselect']['list_format']

171string: functionno$zz['fields'][n]['subselect']['list_format']

Relations: $zz['fields'][n]['list_format']

461string: HTMLno$zz['fields'][n]['suffix'] adds suffix-string to form view Show
462string: functionno$zz['fields'][n]['suffix_function'] adds suffix-function to form viewShow
463arrayno$zz['fields'][n]['suffix_function_var'] parameters for suffix-function to form viewShow
188string: fieldno$zz['fields'][n]['table_name'] Alias if more subtables are included (used for search only, AFAIK)

Relations: subtable

854string: fieldno$zz['fields'][n]['text_field'] similar to display_field, this key must be set to a field name from the SQL query which contains the textual representation of the corresponding spatial field

Relations: geo_point

922stringno$zz['fields'][n]['text_none_selected'] Allows to change the text for 'none_selected' individually per select element. Note: global changes should be done in a 'text'-file or $zz_conf['text'] instead.

Relations: select; $zz['fields'][n]['hide_novalue']; $zz_conf['text']

620booleanno$zz['fields'][n]['tick_to_save'] Displays checkbox for each detail record, if checked, record will be saved (insert, update), if not, removed (delete, or if it does not exist, ignored)

Relations: subtable

955stringno$zz['fields'][n]['time_format'] allows to format a time with date()

Relations: time


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