Technical Documentation

IDCategoryReq.Element Action
476booleanno$zz['fields'][n]['title_append'] title for several records which will be in one lineShow
817string: HTMLno$zz['fields'][n]['title_button'] string; title for subtables add/remove buttonsShow
479string: HTMLno$zz['fields'][n]['title_desc'] description, will always be shown below title in form, values in format will be added automatically (cf. explanation)

Relations: $zz['fields'][n]['format']; $zz['fields'][n]['explanation']

13string: HTMLno$zz['fields'][n]['title'] Title of database field, will be shown in form and table Optional, value will be generated from 'field_name' if not set (first letter uppercase, ending `_id` will be deleted)Show
998stringno$zz['fields'][n]['title_export_prefix'] title prefix for CSV exportShow
478string: HTMLno$zz['fields'][n]['title_tab'] title in table display (optional, default = 'title'), e. g. for abbreviations to save placeShow
289booleanno$zz['fields'][n]['translate_field_value'] Translates value of field (e. g. for 'yes', 'no') with zz_text()Show
774arrayno$zz['fields'][n]['translation'] gives the possibility to set individual variables for translation subtables, e. g. 'hide_in_list'Show
971booleanno$zz['fields'][n]['trim'] if set to true, 'memo' fields will be trimmed

Relations: memo

183stringno$zz['fields'][n]['type_detail'] type of field, used for option and predefined to set real type of field but still remain special functionality

Relations: $zz['fields'][n]['type']

177stringno$zz['fields'][n]['type'] Here, the type of the field can be definfed. For a list of field types, see zz_fieldtypes

Relations: zz_fieldtypes

684booleanno$zz['fields'][n]['unique'] if field value is unique, it can be used for where-clauses and will show only one record in display mode, without add new recordShow
407string: HTMLno$zz['fields'][n]['unit'] displays a unit behind a number, won't display if value = NULL

Relations: number

960booleanno$zz['fields'][n]['update_on_detail_update'] Updates this field in main record if there were updates, inserts or deletions in one of the detail records

Relations: timestamp

885stringno$zz['fields'][n]['upload_default'] Sets a value as default _after_ uploaded files have been checked for values and nothing has been found; setting a 'default'-value beforehands would cause upload check not to start

Relations: $zz['fields'][n]['default']

569integerno$zz['fields'][n]['upload_field'] For hidden or other fields (which ... ?), says which field is the upload field from which a certain value, defined in 'upload_value', shall be taken

Relations: hidden

813string: functionno$zz['fields'][n]['upload_func'] string; name of a function to format upload values (the only way to handle arrays)

Relations: $zz['fields'][n]['upload_field']

571string: SQLno$zz['fields'][n]['upload_sql'] SQL query to use with upload value, e. g. if you get a string but need an ID value.

Relations: hidden; $zz['fields'][n]['upload_field']

570mixedno$zz['fields'][n]['upload_value'] Value which will be written to database and taken from uploaded file. Possible values * basics: - filetype: filetype of original file - title: modified filename (without ending, underscores replaced with space, ucfirst() etc.) - filename: filename without extension and web compatible * images: - width: width of original image - height: height of original image - modified[width] - modified[height] * from $_FILES - name: original filename of uploaded file - type - tmp_name - error - size: filesize * more - type_ext: mimetype + extension, e. g. application/octet-stream/dwg - exif[DateTimeOriginal] - ext: file extension - sha1_source_file - modified[filetype] - exif[YResolution] - modified[exif][YResolution] - exif[YResolution] - modified[exif][YResolution] - upload[size] - modified[size] - md5 - md5_source_file - sha1 - sha1_source_file - increment_on_change (adds 1 to a version no. if file changed) - exif[DateTime] - exif[FileName] - exif[FileSize] - ... Good combinations of values are (in case first value is not set, second will be tried): - array('exif[COMPUTED][Width]', 'upload[width]') - array('exif[COMPUTED][Height]', 'upload[height]') - array('channels', 'exif[SamplesPerPixel]') - array('bits', 'exif[BitsPerSample][0]')

Relations: hidden; $zz['fields'][n]['upload_field']

848booleanno$zz['fields'][n]['use_as_label'] In combination with e. g. tick_for_save, this field's value will be enclosed in a label for the checkbox

Relations: subtable; $zz['fields'][n]['tick_to_save']


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