Technical Documentation

IDCategoryReq.Element Action
636arrayno$zz['fields'][n]['validate'] Show
637arrayno$zz['fields'][n]['validate']['forbidden_strings'] Allows to set certain strings (as array) which will be tested against. If there's a match, the input will be sent back to the user to recheck it.Show
175stringno$zz['fields'][n]['value'] Value for field, may not be overwritten

Relations: hidden

622arrayno$zz['fields'][n]['values'] Sets values for detail records. Lets you ask e. g. for a level of knowledge for a predefined set of languagesShow
975string: functionno$zz['fields'][n][format_0'] function to format fields from sql query

Relations: $zz['fields'][n]['sql']; select

331arrayno$zz['filter'] Filter for records to be shownShow
348stringno$zz_conf['filter_position'] position of filter, top, bottom or both

Relations: OUTPUT

332arrayno$zz['filter'][n] Show
567mixedno$zz['filter'][n]['default_selection'] int or array; array might be useful in conjunction with SQL queries which result in nothingShow
892integerno$zz['filter'][n]['depends_on'] Make a filter dependent on the selection of another filter (e. g. for categories and subcategories), using the other filters' where field = value if filter is selected to narrow the results of this filterShow
573string: fieldno$zz['filter'][n]['field_name'] If set, filter value will be used as a default value for this field.Show
804booleanno$zz['filter'][n]['hide_all_link'] true: hide -all- link at the end of this filter to show all records unfilteredShow
334stringno$zz['filter'][n]['identifier'] Identifier for filter, will be used in URL. If not set, will be created from 'title'.

Relations: $zz['filter'][n]['title']

893booleanno$zz['filter'][n]['ignore_invalid_filters'] if true: invalid filter values will not trigger a 404 error and they will not show a message that the filter is invalidShow
979stringno$zz['filter'][n]['like'] allows to change LIKE "%...%" to something differentShow
337arrayno$zz['filter'][n]['selection'] Possible filters, always pairs of record_id and filter title; values starting with »!« will be compared against with !=, »\« escapes possible !-signsShow
968string: SQLno$zz['filter'][n]['sql_join'] SQL JOIN to add for filter to $zz['sql']

Relations: $zz['sql']

785string: SQLno$zz['filter'][n]['sql'] SQL query that should return two fields, set of record_id and title that will be used for `$zz['filter'][n]['selection']`

Relations: $zz['filter'][n]['selection']

333string: HTMLno$zz['filter'][n]['title'] Show
335stringno$zz['filter'][n]['type'] * show_hierarchy * list * where (== list, with the only difference that you must not change the field with the where-value anymore, similar to a 'where' in the URL)Show

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