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IDCategoryReq.Element Action

Relations: zzbrick

631arrayno$page['extra'] User defined values, whatever you want. Access from template to these variables might go via extra_blubb = bla, but just if the variable is not an array (then we'll return `1`)Show

Relations: brick_head_format()

629arrayno$page['link'] May be used for page links, e. g. navigational aides. Content of this element may be put inside HTML head element starting `<LINK REL="">` or somewhere else on page (or both). Will be added to $page['head'] automatically

Relations: $page['head']; brick_head_format()

632arrayno$page['meta'] $page['meta'][n]['name'] = ... $page['meta'][n]['content'] = ...

Relations: $page['head']; brick_head_format()

628stringno$page['style'] defines style of page, might be used to include different page heads or footers, separate css files and so onShow
6arrayyes$zz Description of database table and fieldsShow
353stringno$zz['access'] allows to restrict access to main record, like $zz['fields'][n]['access'] to subtables * add_only: only allow to add record, do not show anything else (add new record-link, list table, ...) * edit_only: only allow to edit record, do not show anything else (add new record-link, list table, ...) * show: only view records * show_edit_add (no deletion possible) * show_and_add (no deletion and editing possible, but adding new records) * show_and_delete * add_then_edit: only allow to add a new record, then to reedit this record if it already exists (only works with GET['where']...) * edit_details_only: do not edit main record, allow only detail records to be edited, no deletion and adding possible * edit_details_and_add: do not edit main record, allow only detail records to be edited, adding possible (works only in combination with conditions) * none: only show list, no possibility to do anything with the records * all: allows to do everything * search_but_no_list: shows search form but no list (search form normally is tied to list), no editing allowed

Relations: $zz['fields'][n]['access']

954booleanno$zz['add_from_source_id'] Allows to add from source_id even if the access to that ID is restricted by a $zz['where'] or $_GET['where']Show
751arrayno$zz['conditional_fields'] Show
752arrayno$zz['conditional_fields'][n] Show

Relations: $zz['fields'][n]

758stringno$zz['conditional_fields'][n]['max_records'] Show
754booleanno$zz['conditional_fields'][n]['remove_template'] Show
757string: SQLno$zz['conditional_fields'][n]['sql'] Show
756stringno$zz['conditional_fields'][n]['table_name'] Show
753integerno$zz['conditional_fields'][n]['template_field'] Show
755stringno$zz['conditional_fields'][n]['title'] Show
204arrayno$zz['conditions'] Numerical indexed array of conditionsShow
798booleanno$zz['conditions'][n]['add']['always'] if set to true this means that the corresponding condition is always true if a record will be addedShow

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