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IDCategoryReq.Element Action
796string: functionno$zz_conf['int']['export_script'] string; name of custom export function/script

Relations: $zz_conf['export']

524integerno$zz_conf['int']['group_field_no'] Field number of group fieldShow
792booleanno$zz_conf['int']['hash_id'] true: hashed ID will sent as 'zzhash' to check if id is allowed in URL ($zz_conf['access'] = 'edit_only' or 'add_only')

Relations: $zz_conf['access']; $zz_conf['int']['hash']

793stringno$zz_conf['int']['hash'] Show
887arrayno$zz_conf['int']['invalid_filters'] List of invalid filters in REQUEST URIShow
543stringno$zz_conf['int']['referer_esc'] = $zz_conf['referer'], & escaped to &Show
794stringno$zz_conf['int']['secret_key'] secret key, made out of ID and hash for table definition, to check, whether access for an add_only or edit_only or add_then_edit-record should be granted

Relations: $zz_var['id']['value']; $zz_conf['int']['hash']

801booleanno$zz_conf['int']['text_included'] true: Translated text is already included, false: it's not includedShow
540integerno$zz_conf['int']['this_limit'] internal value, current range which records are shownShow
767arrayno$zz_conf['int']['url'] URL of scriptShow
510stringno$zz_conf['int']['url']['?&'] ? or &Show
770stringno$zz_conf['int']['url']['base'] base url, i. e. scheme and hostnameShow
769stringno$zz_conf['int']['url']['full'] Show
542stringno$zz_conf['int']['url']['qs_zzform'] Show

Relations: $zz_conf['url_self']

768stringno$zz_conf['int']['url']['self'] own URL for form action

Relations: $zz_conf['url_self']

520arrayno$zz_conf['modules'] Loaded zzform modulesShow
544integerno$zz_conf['zzform_calls'] check, how many times simultaneously zzform has been called (more than once looks like an error)Show
730booleanno$zz_conf['zzform_init'] signals whether zz_initalize() has been run completely or notShow
489containerno$zz_conf UPLOAD $zz_conf-variables for upload moduleShow

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