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IDCategoryReq.Element Action
913stringno$zz_setting['error_prefix'] string that will be added as a prefix to the error message (in case a script will output several error messages with the same prefix, this can be a time-saver).Show
901booleanno$zz_setting['errors_not_logged_no_defaults'] if set to true, default file for errors-not-logged will not be readShow
980arrayno$zz_setting['ext_libraries'] external libraries that are always included, e. g. for formattingShow
981arrayno$zz_setting['geocoder'] Define which geocoding functions to use. Currently implemented are: - Nominatim - Google Maps The order of the functions defines which results to prefer in case there is more than one results. The first geocoder precedes the others.Show
103stringno$zz_setting['homepage_url'] Link to homepageShow
102stringno$zz_setting['host_base'] Homepage URL, e. g.

Relations: $zz_setting['hostname']; $zz_setting['protocol']

97stringno$zz_setting['hostname'] hostname; hostname of server, e. g.; default $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']Show
633arrayno$zz_setting['html_link_types'] HTML Link types, to separate valid from invalid link keys

Relations: brick_head_format()

281arrayno$zz_setting['https_urls'] list of URLs that will be matched against the current URL, if they start with one of the URLs defined in this array (case insensitive), this URL will be only accessible via HTTPS

Relations: $zz_setting['https']

100booleanno$zz_setting['https'] default: if HTTPS-Connection and HTTPS allowed true, else false

Relations: $zz_setting['no_https']


Relations: $zz_setting['https']

93string: filenameyes$zz_setting['inc'] PHP include directory for zzproject

Relations: _inc/; $zz_conf['root']

865string: filenameno$zz_setting['kml_default_dot'] Default dot for KML export

Relations: $zz_setting['kml_styles']

864arrayno$zz_setting['kml_styles'] KML styles for the styles-section in KML exportShow
88string: HTMLno$zz_setting['lang'] page language, html lang attribute

Relations: $zz_conf['language']

984booleanno$zz_setting['language_not_in_nav'] if true, do not put language code in URLs for breadcrumbs and menusShow
642arrayno$zz_setting['languages_allowed'] Language parts that are allowed and will be recognized in URLsShow
98booleanno$zz_setting['local_access'] Access via local network; default if hostname ending in .local true else false;

Relations: $zz_setting['hostname']

286string: filenameno$zz_setting['local_pwd'] If a local development system is used under the address example.local, this password file is usedShow
547booleanno$zz_setting['log_missing_text'] Logs untranslated text into logfile; %s-placeholder required for languageShow

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