Technical Documentation

IDCategoryReq.Element Action
494arrayno$zz_tab[tab][0] subtable, first detail recordShow
687arrayno$zz_tab[tab][rec] subrecord in table where tab is number of table (0 = main record, 1 ...n = subtables) and rec is number of record (tab = 0, rec = 0: main record, tab = 1...n, rec = 0...n = subrecords)Show
691stringno$zz_tab[tab][rec]['action'] action for this recordShow
689arrayno$zz_tab[tab][rec]['fields'] field definitions of this table; $zz['fields'] for main record or $zz['fields'][n]['fields'] for subtablesShow
694arrayno$zz_tab[tab][rec]['id'] variables regarding current record_id

Relations: $zz_var['id']

695stringno$zz_tab[tab][rec]['id']['field_name'] field name of field with PRIMARY KEY

Relations: $zz_var['id']['field_name']

696integerno$zz_tab[tab][rec]['id']['value'] value of PRIMARY KEY

Relations: $zz_var['id']['value']

698arrayno$zz_tab[tab][rec]['images'] uploaded files go hereShow
699arrayno$zz_tab[tab][rec]['old_record'] update, delete together with file upload or renaming a folder: save old record before update or delete in this array

Relations: $ops['record_old']

688arrayno$zz_tab[tab][rec]['POST'] record as postedShow
692arrayno$zz_tab[tab][rec]['record'] record as it's displayed for userShow
693stringno$zz_tab[tab][rec]['table_name'] Alias if there's more than one subtable of the same name; defaults to `table`Show
690booleanno$zz_tab[tab][rec]['validation'] shows if record is validated or notShow
508arrayno$zz_var INTERNAL variable, for development onlyShow
686stringno$zz_var['action'] INTERNAL: what to do (POST): insert | update | delete | reviewShow
660string: HTMLno$zz_var['class_add'] Show
511stringno$zz_var['extraGET'] extra GET valuesShow
931arrayno$zz_var['filters'] filters set, = tested and corrected values of $_GET['filter']

Relations: $zz['filter']

671string: HTMLno$zz_var['formhead'] H2 heading in front of form elementShow
659booleanno$zz_var['horizontal_table_head'] Show

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