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ID 116
Category string: filename
Required no
Element $zz_conf['form_scripts']

where form scripts reside

Description de
Default value $zz_setting['custom'].'/zzbrick_tables'
Mother ID $zz_conf | [5]
Updated 02 Jul 2011 18:24:00
IDCategoryReq.Element Action
252mixedno$zz_conf['export'] if sql result might be exported (link for export will appear at the end of the page)

Relations:; OUTPUT

897arrayno$zz_conf['footer_record'] Show
900string: HTMLno$zz_conf['footer_record']['delete'] HTML text for output after a successful delete directly below the recordShow
898string: HTMLno$zz_conf['footer_record']['insert'] HTML text for output after a successful insert directly below the recordShow
899string: HTMLno$zz_conf['footer_record']['update'] HTML text for output after a successful update directly below the recordShow
239string: HTMLno$zz_conf['footer_text'] Textblock at the end of div id zzform

Relations: $zz['explanation']; OUTPUT

116string: filenameno$zz_conf['form_scripts'] where form scripts reside

Relations: zzbrick_tables/; $zz_setting['inc']; GLOBAL

269stringno$zz_conf['format']['markdown']['link'] Link to markdown help page; similarly use ['format'][$format]['link'] for other formats

Relations: FORM

725booleanno$zz_conf['generate_output'] allows to not call some functions which are only needed to generate HTML output in case this is not neededShow
808arrayno$zz_conf['geo'] settings of the geo-moduleShow
809integerno$zz_conf['geo']['rounding'] rounding of geographical coordinatesShow
812string: HTMLno$zz_conf['geo']['spacer'] Symbol that separates degrees, minutes, seconds and hemisphere in degree displayShow
925functionno$zz_conf['geocoding_function'] Function to use for geocoding an address; gets array $address as input, utf8 encoded data, * string 'country' * string 'locality' * string 'postal_code' (optional) * string 'street_name' (optional) * string 'street_number' (optional) should return Array * double 'longitude' * double 'latitude' * string 'postal_code' if not set, function from zzwrap library will be used


778string: HTMLno$zz_conf['group_html_table']

Relations: $zz['fields'][n]['group_in_list']

600string: functionno$zz_conf['hash_password'] Name of PHP function to encrypt fields of type 'password' or 'password_change'; possible values are `md5`, `sha1`, `phpass`

Relations: password; password_change

838integerno$zz_conf['hash_cost_log2'] if `phpass` is used as hash function, this is the number of iterations how often a hash function will be usedShow
839booleanno$zz_conf['hash_portable'] if `phpass` is used as password hash function, this value indicates whether the hash should be portable to older versionsShow
837string: filenameno$zz_conf['hash_script'] filename of script with hash function if it's not a standard php function

Relations: $zz_conf['hash_password']

881string: HTMLno$zz_conf['heading_prefix'] Sets a prefix for each table, e. g. a hierarchical path (breadcrumb) for the heading (string will be prepended with a space)

Relations: $zz['title']

862booleanno$zz_conf['html_autofocus'] set HTML attribute autofocus to first input field/first input field in added subrecordShow

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