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ID 578
Category function
Required no
Element zz_upload_make_title()

converts filename to title

Description de
Default value
Mother ID zz_upload_check_files() | [576]
Updated 08 Jan 2010 16:28:14
IDCategoryReq.Element Action
519containerno$zz_conf INTERNAL Show
766arrayno$zz_conf['int'] Internal variables, will be unset after exitting zzform()Show
736arrayno$zz_conf['int']['allowed_params'] Show
871stringno$zz_conf['int']['character_set_db'] Character set of active db connection, will be read from databaseShow
612stringno$zz_conf['int']['db_current'] Database that was selected before zzform() started and will be selected again after finishing

Relations: $zz_conf['db_name']

613stringno$zz_conf['int']['db_main'] main database normally is the same db that zzform() uses for its operations, but if you use several databases, this is the one which is the main db, i. e. the one that will be used if no other database name is specified

Relations: $zz_conf['db_name']

805arrayno$zz_conf['int']['error'] saved mail errors from zz_error()

Relations: $zz_conf['error_handling']

796string: functionno$zz_conf['int']['export_script'] string; name of custom export function/script

Relations: $zz_conf['export']

524integerno$zz_conf['int']['group_field_no'] Field number of group fieldShow
792booleanno$zz_conf['int']['hash_id'] true: hashed ID will sent as 'zzhash' to check if id is allowed in URL ($zz_conf['access'] = 'edit_only' or 'add_only')

Relations: $zz_conf['access']; $zz_conf['int']['hash']

793stringno$zz_conf['int']['hash'] Show
887arrayno$zz_conf['int']['invalid_filters'] List of invalid filters in REQUEST URIShow
543stringno$zz_conf['int']['referer_esc'] = $zz_conf['referer'], & escaped to &Show
794stringno$zz_conf['int']['secret_key'] secret key, made out of ID and hash for table definition, to check, whether access for an add_only or edit_only or add_then_edit-record should be granted

Relations: $zz_var['id']['value']; $zz_conf['int']['hash']

801booleanno$zz_conf['int']['text_included'] true: Translated text is already included, false: it's not includedShow
540integerno$zz_conf['int']['this_limit'] internal value, current range which records are shownShow
767arrayno$zz_conf['int']['url'] URL of scriptShow
510stringno$zz_conf['int']['url']['?&'] ? or &Show
770stringno$zz_conf['int']['url']['base'] base url, i. e. scheme and hostnameShow
769stringno$zz_conf['int']['url']['full'] Show

26 records total