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ID 588
Category function
Required no
Element zz_upload_sqlval()
Description de
Default value
Mother ID zz_upload_action() | [587]
Updated 26 Jun 2011 15:26:37
IDCategoryReq.Element Action
508arrayno$zz_var INTERNAL variable, for development onlyShow
686stringno$zz_var['action'] INTERNAL: what to do (POST): insert | update | delete | reviewShow
660string: HTMLno$zz_var['class_add'] Show
511stringno$zz_var['extraGET'] extra GET valuesShow
931arrayno$zz_var['filters'] filters set, = tested and corrected values of $_GET['filter']

Relations: $zz['filter']

671string: HTMLno$zz_var['formhead'] H2 heading in front of form elementShow
659booleanno$zz_var['horizontal_table_head'] Show
651arrayno$zz_var['id'] Show
653stringno$zz_var['id']['field_name'] Show
777integerno$zz_var['id']['source_value'] add in combination with source_idShow
652integerno$zz_var['id']['value'] Show
739arrayno$zz_var['integrity'] List with keys 'text' and 'fields'; if there are values, it means that the test for referential integrity were not passed and so deletion of a record is impossibleShow
731booleanno$zz_var['record_action'] Show
733arrayno$zz_var['save_old_record'] Show
666arrayno$zz_var['subtables'] Show
657arrayno$zz_var['unique_fields'] Show
732booleanno$zz_var['upload_form'] false: no upload, true: upload possibleShow
656arrayno$zz_var['where_condition'] Show
655booleanno$zz_var['where_with_unique_id'] Show
509arrayno$zz_var['where'] Show

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