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ID 668
Category array
Required no
Element $ops['return']

interface: for each database operation this array returns numerically indexed information about the database operation: 'table' = name of database table; 'id_field_name': field name of field with PRIMARY KEY, 'id_value': ID of record, 'action': database action, one of 'insert', 'update', 'delete'

Description de

Schnittstelle: für jede Datenbankoperation gibt dieses Array numerisch indiziert Informationen über die Operation zurück: 'table' = Name der Datenbanktabelle; 'id_field_name': Feldname des Feldes mit dem Primärschlüssel (PRIMARY KEY), 'id_value': ID des Datensatzes, 'action': Aktion in der Datenbank, eins aus: 'insert', 'update', 'delete'

    [0] => Array
            [table] => dateien_zeitabschnitte
            [id_field_name] => zeitabschnitt_id
            [id_value] => 7
            [action] => update

Default value
Mother ID $ops | [735]
Updated 26 Jun 2011 23:36:26
IDCategoryReq.Element Action
490arrayno$zz_tab INTERNAL variable, for development onlyShow
491arrayno$zz_tab[0] main tableShow
493arrayno$zz_tab[0][0] main tableShow
708arrayno$zz_tab[0][0]['extra'] Generated by function in $field['post_validation'], 'extra' contains extra variables for a detail table created by this function. These variables can be accessed via 'detail_value'

Relations: $zz['fields'][n]['detail_value']; $zz['fields'][n]['post_validation']

492arrayno$zz_tab[tab] subtable, tab = 1...nShow
498integerno$zz_tab[tab]['max_records'] max. subrecordsShow
499integerno$zz_tab[tab]['min_records'] min. subrecordsShow
496integerno$zz_tab[tab]['no'] Field definition in `$zz['fields'][n]`Show
497integerno$zz_tab[tab]['records'] number of subrecordsShow
738arrayno$zz_tab[tab]['subtable_deleted'] List of deleted records, id_valuesShow
495stringno$zz_tab[tab]['table'] Database table of main or subtableShow
700arrayno$zz_tab[tab]['upload_fields'][0]['tab'] Show
494arrayno$zz_tab[tab][0] subtable, first detail recordShow
687arrayno$zz_tab[tab][rec] subrecord in table where tab is number of table (0 = main record, 1 ...n = subtables) and rec is number of record (tab = 0, rec = 0: main record, tab = 1...n, rec = 0...n = subrecords)Show
691stringno$zz_tab[tab][rec]['action'] action for this recordShow
689arrayno$zz_tab[tab][rec]['fields'] field definitions of this table; $zz['fields'] for main record or $zz['fields'][n]['fields'] for subtablesShow
694arrayno$zz_tab[tab][rec]['id'] variables regarding current record_id

Relations: $zz_var['id']

695stringno$zz_tab[tab][rec]['id']['field_name'] field name of field with PRIMARY KEY

Relations: $zz_var['id']['field_name']

696integerno$zz_tab[tab][rec]['id']['value'] value of PRIMARY KEY

Relations: $zz_var['id']['value']

698arrayno$zz_tab[tab][rec]['images'] uploaded files go hereShow

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