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ID 668
Category array
Required no
Element $ops['return']

interface: for each database operation this array returns numerically indexed information about the database operation: 'table' = name of database table; 'id_field_name': field name of field with PRIMARY KEY, 'id_value': ID of record, 'action': database action, one of 'insert', 'update', 'delete'

Description de

Schnittstelle: für jede Datenbankoperation gibt dieses Array numerisch indiziert Informationen über die Operation zurück: 'table' = Name der Datenbanktabelle; 'id_field_name': Feldname des Feldes mit dem Primärschlüssel (PRIMARY KEY), 'id_value': ID des Datensatzes, 'action': Aktion in der Datenbank, eins aus: 'insert', 'update', 'delete'

    [0] => Array
            [table] => dateien_zeitabschnitte
            [id_field_name] => zeitabschnitt_id
            [id_value] => 7
            [action] => update

Default value
Mother ID $ops | [735]
Updated 26 Jun 2011 23:36:26
IDCategoryReq.Element Action
6arrayyes$zz Description of database table and fieldsShow
353stringno$zz['access'] allows to restrict access to main record, like $zz['fields'][n]['access'] to subtables * add_only: only allow to add record, do not show anything else (add new record-link, list table, ...) * edit_only: only allow to edit record, do not show anything else (add new record-link, list table, ...) * show: only view records * show_edit_add (no deletion possible) * show_and_add (no deletion and editing possible, but adding new records) * show_and_delete * add_then_edit: only allow to add a new record, then to reedit this record if it already exists (only works with GET['where']...) * edit_details_only: do not edit main record, allow only detail records to be edited, no deletion and adding possible * edit_details_and_add: do not edit main record, allow only detail records to be edited, adding possible (works only in combination with conditions) * none: only show list, no possibility to do anything with the records * all: allows to do everything * search_but_no_list: shows search form but no list (search form normally is tied to list), no editing allowed

Relations: $zz['fields'][n]['access']

954booleanno$zz['add_from_source_id'] Allows to add from source_id even if the access to that ID is restricted by a $zz['where'] or $_GET['where']Show
751arrayno$zz['conditional_fields'] Show
752arrayno$zz['conditional_fields'][n] Show

Relations: $zz['fields'][n]

758stringno$zz['conditional_fields'][n]['max_records'] Show
754booleanno$zz['conditional_fields'][n]['remove_template'] Show
757string: SQLno$zz['conditional_fields'][n]['sql'] Show
756stringno$zz['conditional_fields'][n]['table_name'] Show
753integerno$zz['conditional_fields'][n]['template_field'] Show
755stringno$zz['conditional_fields'][n]['title'] Show
204arrayno$zz['conditions'] Numerical indexed array of conditionsShow
798booleanno$zz['conditions'][n]['add']['always'] if set to true this means that the corresponding condition is always true if a record will be addedShow
207string: fieldno$zz['conditions'][n]['add']['key_field_name'] To make clear if a condition is true or not while adding a record. Key field name; the corresponding value from $zz_conf['add'] will be used for the SQL query in 'sql'.

Relations: $zz['conditions'][n]['add']['sql']; $zz_conf['add']

206string: SQLno$zz['conditions'][n]['add']['sql'] To make clear if a condition is true or not while adding a record. SQL query ending with `WHERE key_field_name = ` where value of 'key_field_name' will be added. Together with the 'where' or 'having'-condition, if this SQL query returns more than 0 lines, the condition is considered as true. If no line is returned, the condition is considered as false.

Relations: $zz['conditions'][n]['add']['key_field_name']; $zz_conf['add']

910booleanno$zz['conditions'][n]['add']['where'] if set to true, WHERE restrictions will be checked by this condition ($zz['conditions'][n]['where'] must be set)

Relations: $zz['conditions'][n]['where']

212string: fieldno$zz['conditions'][n]['field_name'] Show
815string: functionno$zz['conditions'][n]['function'] use function which has to return a list of allowed IDs (ID => true)Show
211string: SQLno$zz['conditions'][n]['having'] Show

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