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ID 735
Category array
Required no
Element $ops

Returned array from zzform() with information about the record and the HTML output back to the calling script

Description de

Zurückgegebenes Array von zzform() mit Information zum Datensatz und die HTML-Ausgabe zurück an das aufrufende Skript

Default value
Mother ID
Updated 26 Jun 2011 15:24:05
IDCategoryReq.Element Action
735arrayno$ops Returned array from zzform() with information about the record and the HTML output back to the calling script

Relations: zzform()

790booleanno$ops['critical_error'] true: better exit script with 503 Service Unavailable, false: everything okShow

Relations: $zz_conf['int']['error']

729arrayno$ops['error'] Internal variable, outputs errors if they are good for zzform_multi()Show
957booleanno$ops['file_upload'] signals if there was a file upload or not, useful for extra_actionShow
663arrayno$ops['headers'] HTTP headersShow
823arrayno$ops['meta'] Meta tags, written by zzform (if a table is made public, to avoid indexing of search results, order by-tables and edit forms)Show
665stringno$ops['mode'] INTERNAL: what to prepare (GET): add | edit | delete | showShow

Relations: $ops['planned']

664string: HTMLno$ops['output'] HTML output of zzform()

Relations: $zz_conf['show_output']

667arrayno$ops['planned'] Show
702arrayno$ops['record_diff'] shows information after database operation about status of each field in a record: - `same`: field has not changed - `diff`: field has changed - `insert`: record was inserted (no old record) - `delete`: record was deleted (no new record)

Relations: $ops['record_new']; $ops['record_old']

669arrayno$ops['record_new'] Record as it was posted after validation of input the way it will be saved in database

Relations: $ops['record_old']

670arrayno$ops['record_old'] In some cases, old record will be queried, it can be found here. It does not have exactly the same fields as `record_new` but a few more, depending on SQL query for this record. The old record won't be saved in case $zz_conf['get_old_record'] is false or there's no upload field or no write_once field.

Relations: $ops['record_new']

697stringno$ops['result'] gives result of operation if at all: `successful_insert`, `successful_update`, `successful_delete`

Relations: $zz_conf['redirect']

668arrayno$ops['return'] interface: for each database operation this array returns numerically indexed information about the database operation: 'table' = name of database table; 'id_field_name': field name of field with PRIMARY KEY, 'id_value': ID of record, 'action': database action, one of 'insert', 'update', 'delete'Show
241string: HTMLno$ops['title']

Relations: $zz['title']; OUTPUT

726string: HTMLno$zz_conf['title_separator'] Separator for output of selection, q and page in page titleShow
936integerno$ops['total_rows'] number of rows that match the list queryShow
930stringno$ops['url'] correct URL of form script, invalid filters etc. removed

Relations: $zz_conf['int']['url']


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