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ID 790
Category boolean
Required no
Element $ops['critical_error']

true: better exit script with 503 Service Unavailable, false: everything ok

Description de
Default value false
Mother ID $ops | [735]
Updated 27 Jun 2011 11:00:19
IDCategoryReq.Element Action
735arrayno$ops Returned array from zzform() with information about the record and the HTML output back to the calling script

Relations: zzform()

790booleanno$ops['critical_error'] true: better exit script with 503 Service Unavailable, false: everything okShow

Relations: $zz_conf['int']['error']

729arrayno$ops['error'] Internal variable, outputs errors if they are good for zzform_multi()Show
957booleanno$ops['file_upload'] signals if there was a file upload or not, useful for extra_actionShow
663arrayno$ops['headers'] HTTP headersShow
823arrayno$ops['meta'] Meta tags, written by zzform (if a table is made public, to avoid indexing of search results, order by-tables and edit forms)Show
665stringno$ops['mode'] INTERNAL: what to prepare (GET): add | edit | delete | showShow

Relations: $ops['planned']

664string: HTMLno$ops['output'] HTML output of zzform()

Relations: $zz_conf['show_output']

667arrayno$ops['planned'] Show
702arrayno$ops['record_diff'] shows information after database operation about status of each field in a record: - `same`: field has not changed - `diff`: field has changed - `insert`: record was inserted (no old record) - `delete`: record was deleted (no new record)

Relations: $ops['record_new']; $ops['record_old']

669arrayno$ops['record_new'] Record as it was posted after validation of input the way it will be saved in database

Relations: $ops['record_old']

670arrayno$ops['record_old'] In some cases, old record will be queried, it can be found here. It does not have exactly the same fields as `record_new` but a few more, depending on SQL query for this record. The old record won't be saved in case $zz_conf['get_old_record'] is false or there's no upload field or no write_once field.

Relations: $ops['record_new']

697stringno$ops['result'] gives result of operation if at all: `successful_insert`, `successful_update`, `successful_delete`

Relations: $zz_conf['redirect']

668arrayno$ops['return'] interface: for each database operation this array returns numerically indexed information about the database operation: 'table' = name of database table; 'id_field_name': field name of field with PRIMARY KEY, 'id_value': ID of record, 'action': database action, one of 'insert', 'update', 'delete'Show
241string: HTMLno$ops['title']

Relations: $zz['title']; OUTPUT

726string: HTMLno$zz_conf['title_separator'] Separator for output of selection, q and page in page titleShow
936integerno$ops['total_rows'] number of rows that match the list queryShow
930stringno$ops['url'] correct URL of form script, invalid filters etc. removed

Relations: $zz_conf['int']['url']


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